Elliott Carlow, Senior Manager

Crestbridge Family Office Services welcome 2024 with four promotions

5 January 2024
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As part of its longstanding commitment to nurturing talent and supporting professional development, Crestbridge Family Office Services’ have awarded promotions to four members of its team.

In the Client Accounting team, Elliott Carlow is promoted to Senior Manager, and within the Administration function Gavin Byrne has been promoted to Manager and Charlie Lucas and Marta Latek have also been recognised.

Effective from 1 January 2024, these promotions recognise the achievements and contribution of these team members to the business. We wish them the best of success in their new roles.

Heather Tibbo, Chief Executive, Crestbridge Family Office Services, congratulated those being promoted:

“Investing in and supporting the development of our people is central to our future success and growth, particularly as we continue our journey as an independent and privately owned business. I’m delighted to be able to recognise the effort and accomplishment of these four valued members of our team. I am immensely proud of the talent, enthusiasm, and ambition we have within the business, exemplified by Elliott, Gavin, Charlie, and Marta.”