What drives us

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Caring for our environment

Our team has implemented and developed sustainability initiatives which have delivered consistent and measurable results. We regularly audit our working practices and seek out innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact.
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Looking after our people

We are committed to the wellbeing of everyone who works in our business and have implemented a flexible and progressive agile working policy to help promote a balanced lifestyle. We are passionate about ensuring equality of opportunity and provide extensive wellbeing benefits and support
services to colleagues.
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Investing in our communities

We work hard to ensure that we are using our resources and influence to participate in our communities and deliver local benefits. We provide support to a number of charitable initiatives.
We are privileged to be in a position where we can help deliver positive and meaningful change to the environment and to the communities to which we proudly belong. We believe that in today’s world businesses like ours must set an example and be responsible and accountable in all our actions.
Heather Tibbo, Chief Executive Officer

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