Heather Tibbo featured in the inaugural Leadership Jersey publication

5 April 2022

Heather Tibbo featured in the inaugural Leadership Jersey publication

5 April 2022

A lawyer by training and with over 25 years’ experience in the private client sector, Heather is responsible for Crestbridge’s Family Office Services business. 

A member of the Crestbridge executive team, Heather also manages the US joint venture, Crestbridge Fiduciary LLC.  One of the most awarded executives in Jersey’s financial sector, Heather is a consistent feature on ePrivateclient’s Top 50 Most Influential list and in 2021 topped the Women in Wealth Management category in the WealthBriefing European Awards.

As Group Head of a professional services organisation, emphasising the importance of building trusted relationships is central to Heather’s leadership philosophy.  She vigorously encourages joined-up and far-sighted thinking throughout her team and promotes regular and open feedback from across the business to nurture a supportive and high-performance culture.

Who has inspired you?

Leading international private client lawyer Richard Hay taught me many important lessons; one of the key ones was that preparation is everything!

I recently read Edith Edgar’s ‘The Choice’.  It tells the true story of an Auschwitz survivor who trained to be a psychiatrist and is a study of resilience and self-determination. Her ethos is that everyone has the choice whether to be a victim or a survivor.

How would you describe your leadership style in three words?

Collaborative, supportive, open.

What makes a successful leader?

Empathy.  I believe in every scenario it is essential to put yourself in the shoes of the person or team you are working with or leading.

What advice would you give to aspiring leaders?

Follow your gut instincts, treat everything as an opportunity to learn and don’t let ‘perfect’ obstruct progress.  Things sometimes go wrong.  When they do, rise, reflect and move forward.