White Collar Cabaret: Supporting 2 local charities

11 April 2024
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Swapping office attire for lycra and sequins, Rebecca Pitcher, Assistant Marketing Manager is participating in the White Collar Cabaret, a 15-week challenge resulting in a circus aerial acrobatics style performance.

So, what is it all about? In this Q&A Rebecca discusses this unique challenge.

What is White Collar Cabaret?

It is a challenge involving aerial which is a type of acrobatics suspended in the air, involving strength, flexibility, and agility. Ten novice ladies have to work really hard for 15 weeks, enduring callouses, bruises and more to put together an aerial performance on the  14 April 2024 at The Jersey Arts Centre. The four-minute performance will be suspended from either the hoop or the silk sling (a special type of fabric).

Who is running the challenge?

We are being trained by Hayley Wray (our patient coach) from Aerial Antics, a local company offering aerial classes from beginner through to advanced.  Hayley is working amazingly hard to get us performance ready – we couldn’t have done it without her. Hayley used to be an aerialist in a New York circus, she is also a firefighter, personal trainer, entrepreneur and has recently appeared on ITV’s Ninja Warrior!

 How are you raising money?

We are raising money for two very worthy charities, Healing Waves Ocean Therapy and Mind Jersey. Healing Waves enables individuals despite their condition and/or disability both neurological and physical to access the ocean in a safe way to participate in water sport activities. Each of us have been tasked with raising sponsorship and a percentage of the ticket sales will also be going to the charities.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Crestbridge Family Office Services for making a donation to the charities.

How am I feeling about the challenge?

Very nervous and scared that I might fall off in front of everyone! However, that is the nature of aerial and I really wanted to push myself with physical challenge this year. It’s been much tougher than I expected (and I’m still waiting for my six pack to appear!). I have lots of bruises, but I know the sense of achievement will be worth it. My two daughters, Mia (5) and Eva (2), are coming along to watch me and I can’t wait to see their little faces – I hope it will inspire them that with hard work and consistent effort anything is possible…

If you would like to support the charities you can donate here: White Collar Cabaret – Act 2 – JustGiving

And you can buy tickets here:  White Collar Cabaret – Act 2! – Jersey Arts Centre